Plastic bottles á la Björn Kjelltoft! It started with an exhibtion at Konstfack gallery in December 2002, and was followed by an installation at Liljevalchs Art Hall in 2003. Björn Kjelltoft painted plastic bottles with my typical motivs: eyes, snakes, tulips.
Provocation or homage? Anyway, it received a lot of attention, and some of this splashed over onto me. We met in a television interview and I said that it was OK by me. He can have this on me, I appreciate the initiative.
When I had thought about it a while, I answered with an exihition that I called
"Thanks Björn!" and showed similar-looking bottles but this time blown glass and painted with motifs that had been copied by Björn. "Hydman´s revenge", wrote Carin Ståhlberg in Dagens Nyheter. The bottles are much appreciated and are used as the perfect unique water bottle, always well-filled.









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